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Girl Form Quezal: Data Sheet by Dragoon88-DragonDao Girl Form Quezal: Data Sheet by Dragoon88-DragonDao
Girl Form Quezal: Data Sheet

Lineart: Davide Strano/Dragoon88
Coloring: Orsetta Berni/ NekoLiliah


Quezal info:

Category: Magic Being
Age: Mind your own business
Height: 1, 78 m (D.F. 2 x 4 m)
Weight: That's not something to ask...
Jobs: Doraetos Manga mascot and others
Origin: A magic and crazy world
Personality: Cheerful, playful, sagacious, decisive, kind, curious, a little touchy and squeamish
Favourite color: Green
Favourite animal: Cat
Favourite transport: Hot-air balloon
Likes: Pizza, Tiramisů, Reading Comics and Books, RPG
Hates: Parrots, monkeys, tv
Special features: Among all... the hair? XD
Key phrase: "More Fantasy! More Fantasy!"
Date of Birthday: I'll say just the day.. 14th May
Zodiac sign: Taurus (Western) and Dragon (Chinese)
Blood type: D
Abilities: Switching between my Dragon form and my Girl form, flying, communicate telepathically, changing clothes with magic and more you'll find out!

Religious Views: Atheism. I'm also a little Shintoist, Buddhist and Taoist XDDD

Favourite Quotes: My key phrase and Doraetos Manga motto: "More Fantasy! More Fantasy!"

Favourite Sports: Rugby football, Ice Skating

Favourite Athletes: Bruce Lee, Usain Bolt

Music: Oriental Music, Classical, Instrumental Music

Books: Novel, Light Novel, Manga, Comics

Movies: Star Wars, Studio GHIBLI & Hayao MIYAZAKI, Disney, Spider-Man

Television: The Legend of Korra

Games: The Last Story, Pokémon, Dragon Quest IX Sentinels of Starry Skies, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Kingdom Hearts (all), Final Fantasy (all)

Activities: Cosplay

Interests: Animals, Videogames, Movies, Poetries, Novels, Comics, Animals
About Quezal: Hi everyone! My name is Quezal! ^_^ I'm Doraetos Manga mascot and I joined FB to share my thoughts, my photos and above all to befriend you all :D For other info about me check my Profile in my Photos ;)

Interested in: Men

Sex: Female
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June 2, 2012
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